Traveling through the north of the Kirov region (the place where I was born), we discovered a collection of negatives in one completely uninhabited and crumbling village. Having digitized this archive, we discovered that these were photographs taken by a person with a height disability in the mid-60s. Now there is no way to find out who it was, the village is no longer on the map as residential, but the memory of what this person saw remains.

The installation consisted of a microgreen farm in which plants grow from a substrate on which found photographs are printed. Gradually, at the exhibition, all the photographs dissolved under the influence of plants. Thus, the medium of photography passed into the medium of the plant. At the exhibition, viewers were encouraged to eat the grown plants.

First stage: germination of seeds in photographs

General view of photographs in negative

Stage two: photographs disappear under plant roots and mosses

Third stage: Plant care and harvesting