Dream machine

In our memory, our whole life is erased and becomes foggy, and the only thing we have are subtle connections between moments of memories that keep reality in our minds from falling apart. Language in general and the language of art in particular connects our society and prevents us from getting lost in the schizophrenic beginning of this world. The tragedy of human existence is that each generation has to re-learn the experience of previous generations, and in this relay race the acquired experience of the past is lost – we seem to forget about the horrors that violence, slavery, and a selfish and selfish attitude towards the world bring with them. If we imagine a world in which a person became immortal, then to what heights of humanism and knowledge could he rise? Perhaps digital immortality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cyborgization are what will help humanity overcome the tragedy of the end of experience. Or perhaps this is also a dead end?

The installation consists of two videos located opposite each other.

The first video was shot in the evening from a train window. A white horse runs out of the forest and runs in front of the window. The video is made in such a way that a slowly running horse overtakes a fast-moving train and disappears.

The second video is a static recording of the birch grove that flashed through the train window in the first video with the horse. A whole day’s video was filmed here and edited so that night fell in the middle of the day inside the birch grove.

Between the two videos was a sculpture inspired by the skull from Hans Holbein’s painting “The Ambassadors”, based on a 3D model of the artist’s skull.