Robot vacuum cleaner XIAOMI

The robot vacuum cleaner is placed in a sterile space, in which it is deprived of its main task – collecting dust. However, the vacuum cleaner can only work with a Wi-Fi connection. In recent years, cases of detection of surveillance of users using household appliances have become more frequent. Robot vacuum cleaners have a stable connection to the Internet and a video camera for orientation around the house. In a glass cube, the robot vacuum cleaner is deprived of the ability to collect dust, but is not deprived of the ability to collect “digital dust”, information about the room and who is present in the room with it. To improve the quality of sales and manipulation of consumers, large technology giants monitor their users, and can store the collected “digital dust” on their servers. The video that is broadcast in the room where the vacuum cleaner is located is vacation footage shot by a person unknown to me, found on the Internet.