Kononov-Gredin Vasily was born in the city of Urzhum in 1990.
Graduated from the Vyatka Art School, the BAZA Institute of Contemporary Art. In his works he refers to large forms, the space of total installation. Works with sculpture, video, objects, painting, smells, sound. By combining different media, it works so that the impact on the viewer is comprehensive. In his works, the artist’s attention is directed to the conceptuality of the design, monumentality, beauty and integrity of form. In a global context, there is a connection between the cultures of different countries and religions, and the study of modern problems of our society, its disunity, gives us the opportunity to understand a person. The artist’s personal experience is connected with the Christian tradition (his family is religious). In his works he explores the boundaries of ritual, raises the topic of time, variability and duality of man, the dualism of spirit and body. He sees an important task to compare the connections, thanks to which modern society exists. Explores subjectivity, the place of individual experience, deep memory and the boundaries of autonomy in their interaction with political, cultural, physical and other conditions, as well as with communication procedures, knowledge infrastructures and systems of administration of the sensory and social.