A Perfect Day for Bananafish

The installation carried out as part of the exhibition “The Seven Plagues of the Seven Angels” embodies the idea of a person’s desire for an imposed image of paradise, which he can find by consuming. The body of the viewer, who found himself in the center of the installation, was captured by the “Kinect” so that the person saw his hands on the screen where the computer game was projected. With any movement of the viewer, the hero on the screen began to swim approaching the island, but as the island approached, an algorithm was turned on that prevented the viewer from swimming to the goal and moved the island further away. The viewer’s movements, in turn, launched a mining farm, allowing them to earn money on transaction fees on the blockchain. So the viewer, while playing, actually participated in market transactions.

The installation consisted of two sculptures, a video game and a mining farm. The first sculpture is a sculpt of the hand of the Statue of Liberty, but done as if it were an old archaeological object from a museum of antiquities. The reference for this sculpture was the hand of the colossus of Emperor Constantine (part of the imperial statue destroyed with the collapse of the Roman Empire)

The second sculpture is a 3.5 meter tall sculpture of the Statue of Liberty from the 2000 cyberpunk role-playing computer game “DEUS EX” made on a 3D printer. The game takes place in the fictional dystopian world of Earth in 2052. An economic catastrophe is beginning on the planet, national governments are weakening and powerful terrorist organizations are emerging, and a pandemic of a deadly incurable disease is developing – the “gray death”. The first mission of the game takes place on Liberty Island, where the central object of the location is the Statue of Liberty, blown up by terrorists.

When the viewer found himself in the center of the hall, a game began on the screen in which the viewer was asked to swim to the island, at that moment mining started