Landscape 2.0

The project is based on a critical anti-war statement. In the modern world, war is transforming and acquiring new angles of perception. Just like in the days of the Roman Colosseum, when the audience thumbs up or down, now we like videos and photos of military operations. When we watch military actions through TV, Youtube or Telegramm channels, military actions appear as a picture, and due to the huge amount of information that we process during the day, the next video of an explosion on lands remote from us almost does not cause empathy. War images are mingled with advertisements, testimonials, and blogs, and are represented in our minds as vague disappearing spots.

Work on the project began at a time when videos from drones began to appear on YouTube in large quantities, which recorded infrared videos of bombings during the last Karabakh war. The black flowers of explosions on the white ground looked like rapidly opening flowers, instantly blooming, and then immediately falling off.

The paused video frame was reworked by me so that the military component of the picture completely disappears and turns into abstract graphics. That is, it repeated the action that occurs with our memory, when watching military operations broadcast on the network or TV.

The project critically comprehends the attitude to the violence taking place in the world, and how even scenes of murder and death turn into flickering content that almost does not evoke sympathy, as well as ways to get out of this situation of indifference.

The epigraph to the project is a poem by Robert Burns “My heart`s in the Highlands”