Like a biblical history or an ancient mythological consciousness, the Eden project creates an universal space of meaning that is devoided of local and individual sensations. The viewer finds himself in an almost sterile environment of pure ideas, embodied in the classical forms of the conceptually minimalist tradition of contemporary art. Developing the Eden idea of an ideal situation, an impossible situation, which attempts to achieve invariably turn into tragedy.
The project appeals to the textbook images of mythology, which are transformed in culture over time, but don’t change their essence and save their original content.
The goal of the project is to radically immerse the viewer into the space in which the line between art and reality is erased due to visual impact, touch, smell and hearing.
The scenery was built, reduced copies of installations were created and a video was shot for each work to understand the spatial solution of these installations. The description of the installations indicates the dimensions and features of how they should be made for the exhibition. Computer graphics was not used in videos.

Evil is hidden by light

central object: 4 m
smell: asphalt
sound design

Very bright lamps are installed over the entire area of the walls, floor and ceiling. The person enters the room where the bright light comes from everywhere. Nothing is visible, except for the blinding light and the vague outline of the four-meter object in the center: a person will understand that the object is not light, but black only by coming very close to it. An explosion occurs at random intervals, the cicadas fall silent, and then they begin to sing again. This cycle repeats. Bright light does not allow to see the entrance to the next room, you will have to search it by touch.

The tail of the monster

dimensions: 1,500m (h) x 10m (l)
smell: swamp, ditch-water
sound design

It’s dark in the room. The light becomes brighter as a person approaches to the object. At that moment, when the human eye is able to see, the tail moves sharply (there is a mechanism that reacts to the approach). When a person moves away from it, the tail plunges into the shadow.

Spinning top

dimensions: 1,7m (h) x 1m (w)
smell: marmalade
sound design, documentary recording about the life of a patient with cerebral palsy

There is a large stone toy in the center of the room/ You cannot play with the toy. The laughter and voices of the children are interrupted by the speech of the person who was denied opportunity playing with them.


dimensions: 1m (h) x 4m (l)
smell: milk and hay
sound design

A person climb inside this object. It is soft.

Gold meat grinder

object: golden disc – 3 m, ‘stuffing’ – from 3 to 7 m
smell: oil
sound design

Life and eternity

object: 4 m
smell: incense
sound design


object: 5 m
smell: strawberry grease
sound design

The Burned Peg-Top

dimensions: 3m (h) x 3,5m (w)
smell: roses
sound design

Floor-mounted fans blow with randomly varying force, creating the effect of the wind.


object: 6 m
smell: ozone and freshness
sound design

The speakers are installed inside the “Moloch”. There are different cryings sounding out of the speakers. You can hear these cryings only by coming very close to the sculpture.


object: 4 m
smell: rotten foliage
sound design


dimensions: 4m (h) x 3,5m (w)
smell: sweat and shoe polish
sound design

The sculpture is plastered with a thick layer of shoe polish.

The Wheel of History

object: diameter 3,5 m
smell: wax and honey
sound design

A man will be able to spin this giant wheel.

The Copper Serpent

object: 4 m
smell: leather and ashes after rain
sound design

The person entering the room is greeted with the inscription: “Do not you fear by looking at the Copper Serpent”. Smoke spreads across the room, snakes lie in it. They seem like they are alive. The floor is glass, live snakes are crawling under it. A person who will look away from the Bronze Serpent and look at where he is stepping will feel fear. Those who will look only at the Serpent all the time will pass without fear.

The Golden calf

object: 3 m
room: length 21 m, width 8 m, liquid depth 0,5 m
the smell of the room: iron
sound design

There is a man in front of the entrance to the hall. He is putting on special boot covers till his knees. Thick “blood” is clasping his legs, it is difficult to walk. The bottom is not visible. Exit from the exhibition is only through this hall, there is no other.