The fountain

The starting point in the work on the project can be considered acquaintance with the poem by I.I. Brodsky’s “Fountain”, which reveals the idea of ​​eternal return. Time and water are related mediums for me, so when a few years ago I saw a photograph of a fountain in Genoa (this photograph is from a set of slides documenting a tour of Italy undertaken by a young American couple in 1955), the static nature of the water in the photograph informed the decision in the implementation of the work. In the installation, time, as matter manifests itself, through frozen streams of water overflowing from the bowl.

Now the fountain in Genoa has changed, and what we see in the old photo does not exist. In the project, the main idea was to reconstruct the past moment again. Through photography again to the real form, that is, the transition and transformation of one medium into another is important here. The fountain in Genoa has become a photograph, the photograph seen has become a fountain again. That is, the installation “Fountain” considers the idea of ​​eternal return, and the closure of time on itself.

The work was carried out within the framework of the received proposal for participation in the project “Nemoskva” for the exhibition “Nemoskva Not Beyond the Mountains”